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Learn how to play the piano, read
notes, and other piano basics

Welcome to and learn how to play the piano for free wooohooo =D lemme help you all out there who wants to know at least the basics in piano score reading and give you tips on how to play the piano even if you haven't played an instrument at all. so, if you're up to the challenge, then, let's get ready to rumble hahaha!!! enjoy your stay. ^_^v

PianistAko now Online

so, lumelevel-up na tayo... if you're reading this... CONGRATULATIONS!!! for sure the reason why you're here is because you want to play those music sheets that are already in your possession which i bet, you diligently searched all over the World Wide Web and downloaded it for free, right?! wehhh pa-burger ka naman! ^_^v

PianistAkOnline is basically an educational site open to everyone who would like to play and learn the piano for FREE.... AT YOUR OWN RISK hehehe ^_^v paano ba naman kasi... ang plano ko lang eh makatulong ako sa inyong lahat sa pamamagitan ng paggawa ng piano music sheets, tapos mamumroblema lang pala ako ng bonggang-bongga sa dami ng nagtatanong kung paano daw nila babasahin yung mga ginawa ko... haannuubbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! kaya ayan... tutulong na rin lang daw ako hindi ko pa lubus-lubusin... hala sige gumawa ng Piano Tutorials.... sa susunod nga mag-aral kayong mag-magic! hehehe joke... *peace*

Why piano?
yeah, why not?! ^_^v well, kanya-kanyang trip yan eh... others would want  to learn how to play the violin, guitar, some would even want drums, triangle? hehe but since a lot of you are asking "how to read piano sheet music" eh might as well, gumawa na lang ako nito that could somehow help those people na gustong matuto magplay ng piano... by hook or by crook...

Paano nga ba ako nagsimula?

hmmm to make a brief history of my piano career ( if that's how you want to call it, career! ok fine! ) i started way back my elementary days pa. it was an unplanned encounter hehe. all i did before was to accompany a friend during her piano lessons or memorize some songs, piano music sheets which are by the way my friend's homework but i ended up being her guinea pig hehehe but i didn't mind anyway :p and take note, i don't know how to read sheet music yet, i had really no idea what a sheet music or a "piano piece" is as in pinapa-memorize lang sa akin yung tutugtugin niya then i'll play it sa piano... but it was fun though :p. also, i had a childhood friend who happens to be a good pianist and i always envy her for playing those black/white keys beautifully... in short you can say na INGGITERA ako... but not to compete... just to learn. i then asked my mom one day about it and she said YES ( which later on i found out the real reason why she agreed: it's because she's a frustrated musician hehe :p she always wanted to play the piano pero matigas daw mga daliri niya so ako na lang daw! haha ) to make the long story short, i took piano lessons, but stopped, then went back again to continue my lessons, stopped again, went back again, stopped ( more like pause na ata ito hehe ) oh man! hanggang sa hindi na ako nakabalik to continue my lessons because busy na sa school/college... but i did continue playing the piano ( school plays, church, choir, weddings, etc.)  up to this day =p

it could have been my profession now if only i didn't pursue my dream of becoming a doctor. kaso pati pagdo-doctor ko hindi na natuloy pero okay lang. people who knew me thought i'd take up MUSIC pero ganito talaga buhay... anu't ano man eto pa rin ako, bagsak ko pa rin pala ay sa linya ng music... pero sideline nga lang (  but i intend to continue... 2nd course? why not! hehe ^_^v )

enough of my story... let's now go to what you'll see here on this site...

well, i won't be tackling the fundamentals of piano ( in-depth ) or history or anything that will bore me and you.. what you will see here are the basics of learning how to play the piano at the same time some tips na pwede kong i-share sa inyo on piano playing... i won't guarantee that you'll be like BEETHOVEN or MAKSIM MRVICA or CECIL LICAD in an instant! 'wag kayong ambisyoso't ambisyosa! gising gising! ( for people like me that took formal piano lessons, eh buwan/taon binibilang namin bago kami natutong tumugtog ng maayos :p hehehe ). i'll just post few lessons para somehow matugtog mo naman yang mga piyesang hawak mo at hindi mo lang basta titigan hanggang sa maging bato... okie?!

these informations are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. if you were to ask me, it's still best if you can avail music lessons with a piano teacher ( sencia na kahit gusto ko mag tutor ulit sa piano dahil sayang, moolah din yun eh hindi na kaya ng hectic schedule ko! nde naman ako bionic woman noh ^_^v ). hindi ito recommended sa mga bata ( so parental guidance na pala ang site ko hehehe... ) what i mean is.... this site is purely intended sa mga taong nakakaintindi na... nakakapagbasa na.... at hindi na kelangan ng patnubay mula sa mga magulang joke... :p more on run through / brief outline kasi ang ginamit ko dito in explaining the lessons.... kaya kung baby pa utak... avail a piano teacher nearest you! hindi ko gustong mawalan ng raket ang mga piano teachers hehe... hindi rin naman ako super henyo... lagi ko ngang sinasabi marunong lang ako pero hindi magaling... tamang gusto ko lang maishare sa mga taong nagbabasa nito ang gusto nilang malaman... ano pa nga ba kundi ang matutong mag-piano. isa pa, more on PAGBABASA ang gagawin mo dito dahil wala pa akong time para gumawa ng video tutorials... nagkalat naman sa youtube yun eh, dun nalang kayo maghanap... hehehe :p but then again, sa mga taong mahilig mag-short cut, mahilig sa libre, tara usap tayo! ( boy abunda is that you?! lelz ) ^_^v

oh and btw, i'll be using tagalog / english sa pagi-esplika nga mga bagay-bagay so that i can elaborate the topic well and syempre para naman maintindihan nyong mabuti kasi for sure naman mga kababayan ko ang magbabasa nito... on the other hand, for those people who can't understand tagalog, i'm very sure there are lots of online piano tutorials out there... google is your bestfriend! ^_^v

so, if you're ready... then let's proceed to Piano Basics

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