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Symbols and Terminology: Accidentals ( sharps, flats, naturals, double flats, double sharps )


is used to contradict the key signature it remains in effect until the next measure. an accidental sign raises or lowers the following note from its normal pitch. ito yung sharps, flats, naturals, double sharps, double flats... eto yun!

figure viii.a.

sharp is a symbol that raises the pitch or pitch class one half step
flat is a symbol that lowers the pitch or pitch class one half step
double sharps is a symbol that raises the pitch or pitch class two half steps
double flats is a symbol that lowers the pitch or pitch class two half steps
natural is a symbol that cancels any previous accidentals and indicates that the plain, unaltered pitch class is to be used

half step the smallest change of pitch in tonal music. the interval between to successive keys is always the same and this distance is known as half-step.
whole step an interval equal to two (2) half-steps.


half step from E to F
whole step from C to D

if sinabing sharp laging going to the right ang pagbibilang ng half step, kapag naman flat going to the left naman. always count starting from the position of your note, half step to the right if may sharp ( # ) sign, half step to the left if may flat ( b ) sign. start making yourself familiar with these symbols... ma-meet mo ulit sila sa mga susunod na lessons... nasa getting to know you stage palang tayo hehe ^_^v

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