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Symbols and Terminology: Tempo


a term used to describe at what rate the beat is occurring in a musical passage. it is how fast or slow the underlying beat is occurred.

example ng tempo ( pero bihira ako gumamit ng tempo name if you noticed... more on graphics ako ng BPM  ) example ♪ = 90... at may math nanaman yan pero hindi ko na i-explain dahil you wouldn't care much about it anyways... hehehe^_^v

Basic Tempo Name - Beats Per Minute Range

Larghissimo — very, very slow (20 bpm and below)
Lento — very slow (40–60 bpm)
Largo — very slow (40–60 bpm), like lento
Larghetto — rather broadly (60–66 bpm)
Grave — slow and solemn
Adagio — slow and stately (literally, "at ease") (66–76 bpm)
Adagietto — rather slow (70–80 bpm)
Andante — at a walking pace (76–108 bpm)
Andante Moderato — a bit faster than andante
Andantino – slightly faster than andante
Moderato — moderately (101-110 bpm)
Allegretto — moderately fast (but less so than allegro)
Allegro moderato — moderately quick (112–124 bpm)
Allegro — fast, quickly and bright or "march tempo" (120–139 bpm)
Vivace — lively and fast (˜140 bpm) (quicker than allegro)
Vivacissimo — very fast and lively
Allegrissimo — very fast
Presto — very fast (168–200 bpm)
Prestissimo — extremely fast (more than 200bpm)

at marami pang iba na hindi ko naman balak ilagay lahat dito at hindi ko naman madalas gamitin 'to sa pang araw-araw kong pamumuhay sa mundong ibabaw hehehe ^_^v

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