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Symbols and Terminology: Staff


the staff or stave is a set of five horizontal lines ( or ledger ) and four spaces. each line and space represents a key { key is the major or minor scale around which a piece of music revolves... } on the piano. staff is the foundation upon which notes [ { a note is represented by a sign which tells the musician the duration and pitch { pitch or tone is denoted by the position of the note on the staff lines and spaces } of a sound... ] and rests { a rest is an interval of silence in a piece of music, marked by a sign indicating the length of the pause } are drawn. ano ba hitsura nito... eto yun...

figure iv.a.
a staff

ledger lines are short lines used to extend the range of a staff beyond its normal five lines. ledger lines are added according to the same spacing that the staff used. example is yung whole note na middle C.

figure iv.b.
ledger line


when music on two staves joined by a brace ( or is intended to be played at once by a single performer ), grand staff is created...

figure iv.c.
grand staff

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pde po ba kita ma add sa facebook.. para pag may further questions ako dun na lang po kita i-tanong?.. :))

heide abot said...

if you have questions, dito mo nalang itanong para maishare din sa iba... personal account ko yung fb at hindi talaga ako nageentertain ng mga tanong or requests dun kasi meron namang message box at comments section dito hehehe feel free to ask here :) thank you! ^_^v

Anonymous said...

aw. its kinda hard. but anyways, thanks a lot :D

--> M

Anonymous said...

aw, its kind hard but anyways thanks a lot :D

--> M

FJ Sia Depnag said...

Hello there! I bought a keyboard last two weeks ago at nag tatrying hard again na matuto mag piano because it was quite a very long time since I first had interest... thanks sa tutorial at narereview ako... sana magkakatime ka gumawa ng piano sheet with this song "Million Miles Away" by Joey Albert... Thanks again and More power!

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