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Symbols and Terminology: Measure


measure or bar is a segment of time defined as a given number of beats of a given duration. ito yung napapagitnaan ng two (2) bar lines kung tawagin. measures are used to divide and organize music. it usually marked with numbers for easier navigation of the piece. malalaman mo naman na tapos na ang isang piyesa kapag nakita mo na ang double bar line.

figure v.a
measure or bar

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tingbo said...

salamat,,,, nice nice nice

mark alvin said...

Thank god at my ganitong free piano sheet website...ahh, meron po sana ko request, ung hinahanap hanap kita by rivermaya or bamboo. need ko po kasi tutgtugin un sa banda.

Anonymous said...

hi heide. thanks for this site.. bumangon muli ang pangarap ko n matututong magpiyano. hayan tagalog n tagalog.. thanks ulit.

thethunderer01 said...

Magsisimula pa lang ako. I know the very basics na of music sheet reading. But when I tried to take on Scott Joplin's The Entertainer (ambitious ako eh!), I hit some dead end, I need some help.

Kat Guevarra said...

Thank you for this site. Pwede po bang magrequest ng Ang Huling El Bimbo? hihi Thankyou :>

Anonymous said...

hello, meron po ba kayong piano sheet for Melo Breeze's Can Only Wait (Vis-a-Vis)? it's a soundtrack from the korean series Smile, You (aired as Smile, Honey in tv5). thank you very much! - Cherry:)

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